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Don Blanton has been in show business since he was eleven years old.  He has had successful careers in radio, disco, voice-overs, and as an announcer.  As CEO of The WOW Factor, Blanton is an award-winning producer of digital advertising for Fortune 500 clients including, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Toshiba, Hyundai and many others.  He has also executive produced and co-produced some of the most successful live events in Times Square including New Year’s Eve where he hosted the live event for twelve year’s, while his mentor and friend, Dick Clark hosted the television show.  


Throughout his career he has proven himself a unique visionary, artist and inventor.  He has created many electronic, digital and motorized systems to further either his productions or his art.


He also designed and created retail games and kiosks for Disney, Warner Bros., and Build-A-Bear. Don has always been known as an amazing “gift giver” and for years celebrated friends and clients have asked him to create custom one of a kind gifts for them. Blanton exclusively designs, inter-active objects d'art on a commission basis only.  He commutes between his studio and offices in Los Angeles and New York.

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