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Don Blanton Design was created to professionally fulfill an unprecedented and burgeoning demand for exclusively designed luxury gifts.  Award-winning media entrepreneur, Don Blanton, had been designing one-of-a-kind gifts for Hollywood’s elite and royalty for years when the requests became so recurrent and time consuming that he and his design teams, both in Los Angeles and New York, decided to establish a Studio dedicated to the fine art of creating gifts so elegantly unique and heartwarmingly thoughtful that even the mogul that has everything suddenly realizes they do not.   Don Blanton Design’s secret of success is the recipient research; hypersensitive attention to detail and open-minded joy that Mr. Blanton brings to each individual masterpiece.   Mr. Blanton also collaborates with interior designers and event planners to deliver breathtaking décors beyond anyone’s imagination.  Don Blanton’s environmental designs are transporting and rapturous.  His commissioned gifts are wondrous!  

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